Build Your Own - Tween Starter Pack
Build Your Own - Tween Starter Pack
Build Your Own - Tween Starter Pack
Build Your Own - Tween Starter Pack

Build Your Own - Tween Starter Pack

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Put together a customised starter pack for your tween boy or girl.
Everything they will need to get started on the skin and personal care journey.
Starter pack includes:

1 x MEBEME Toiletry Bag
1 x Cleanser of your choice - Gentle or Balancing
1 x Moisturiser of your choice - Gentle or Balancing
1 x Deodorant of your choice - Fresh Citrus or Cool Coconut

Note: Pictures contain products not included in the pack that may be purchased separately.

Customer Reviews

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7yr old first skin care

Great packaging, love the option of making your own kit, price for tween skin care is on point and smells true to it's ingredients.

My oldest daughter started getting clogged pores from not washing off the sun cream and mozzie repel while living in the tropics.

Being a beauty therapist myself I wanted to start my daughter early as I have hereditary skin issues, pre teen acne, ect.
With Google research sifting through products, mebeme topped personally the criteria I was after in a young skin care range nothing too harsh and quality!

I bought the sensitive pack as I wanted my daughter to ease into it. She has had 1 or 2 spots - not hormonal, therefore wanted her to practice on her own terms as she was very keen. Aiming to keep producing the natural oils in her young delicate skin with no disruption till puberty, My daughter uses the cleanser morning and night so far every 2nd day. Teaching a pinky nail size for her products and remove upwards then out using a soft cloth. We also bought Mebeme Exfo Mask on the side which my daughter loves! Once a month we remove the white heads with mask and she gets keen to mix it herself.

My daughter is finally gettinnoise to the skin care routine and the difference this skin care makes is rather noticeable from when she started with using Mebeme range. The natural deodorant is also great touch, practising hygiene was just a personal thing and my daughter absolutely loves it feeling confident in the permit aroma in our heat.

This skin care is 5stars to me personally and my daughter (including my curious 5yr old) with it's calming benefits, helps build confidence in young kids who have signs of clogged pores and prevent the acne scares (if any) set in the skin for life. Like anything we learn and the results are there for life it's not just product it's a game changer. A choice for parents pulling hair out when looking at the shelf in a shop unsure where to start, or not realising the oils we strip and the damages we face later.


Perfect for a tween who is just getting into looking after her skin!

Sarah Britt
Perfect Kit

11yr old is absolutely loving her skin care! Already can see a big change in her skin & it's super simple that she can manage this by herself!

Renee Brewer
Such a good starter kit

My 10 year old started using these products straight away - she has expressed how good it makes her skin feel after applying.
Will be recommending this product

Jen T
Great skincare pack!

This is a great starter pack! My daughter loves looking after her skin and these products are nasty free and smell divine.