Is MEBEME tested on animals?

Absolutely not! MEBEME has only been tried by very excited children and adults.

How do I use MEBEME products?
Face washes – wet face with warm water and apply a very small amount (about 5-10 cent piece) of face wash on your fingers. Rub face wash over your whole face, avoiding your eyes (best keep them shut) and wash off with warm water.

Face moisturiser – Apply a small amount (about 5-10 cent piece) to your clean face, avoid contact with your eyes.

Deodorant – apply to your underarms every morning or before sports, get dressed and enjoy your day! 

Do we have to be careful using MEBEME?
MEBEME is made from 100% natural and naturally derived ingredients, so unlikely to cause any irritation to anyone, although I always recommend a patch test on the inside of your arm before using. Please always check the ingredients if you have any allergies, and if you have any reaction please discontinue use immediately.


Will the deodorant stop me sweating?                                                                                                                                  No. Our deodorant doesn’t contain any aluminium. Aluminium clogs your pores preventing toxins being expelled from your skin. No thanks. MEBEME deodorants will allow your body to do what it is supposed to do, let the bad stuff out of your body, look after your skin and most importantly, prevent bad odour.

What if I get product in my eyes?
You should avoid getting in in your eyes, keep them closed whilst washing. If you do get product in your eyes, wash out gently with cool water. If irritation persists, of course seek medical advice.

Can only tweens use MEBEME?
Nope, my 5 year old sometimes uses the face wash and moisturiser – no need for deodorant yet. My husband and I use the deodorants, cleansers and moisturisers during the day, as do many of our adult friends who love natural products!

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