About MEBEME - My Story

Hi there! I’m Viria, I am a Mum of three and the founder of MEBEME.

Late 2017, when my eldest daughter was 7 years old, I was shopping around for a face cleanser and moisturiser for her. Grubby days playing in mud, spaghetti sauce, icing off the cake, paint, all this plus more… If it was anywhere near Iliana it would be on her face. 

Water alone was no longer enough. Her skin was changing and needed to be cared for.

Then I helped her take off a tight top before a shower and I got a good whiff under her arms. Was it me?! Nope, my little girl was developing body odour, only on super hot days, but it was definitely there!

Now I was on a mission, it was time for her to start using some skincare and deodorant.

I am a qualified beauty therapist so turning over cosmetics and looking at the ingredients list, I had a good idea of what I liked and what I wanted to keep off my child’s skin. I had a good look at what is in a lot of products, and learnt a lot about hidden chemicals.

Funny thing is, I never worried quite as much about what chemicals I used on my own skin, but when it came to my kids – no way. 

I searched for products for my daughter, I wanted a cleanser, moisturiser and a deodorant. Although there were some nice products on the market, I couldn’t find something tailored to tween skin that ticked all the boxes I wanted.

So… MEBEME was born. Over 12 months of working with chemists and formulators, many samples and tweaks to get it just right, I’m so excited to introduce MEBEME to the world.

MEBEME is natural, gentle enough to use on our children’s delicate skin, yet effective.

We are about creating healthy skin and personal care habits and using the very best quality products on our kids. Creating a range that is gentle, effective and age appropriate for our boys and girls.

MEBEME – be myself, be the best I can be, positive, confident, clean and fresh.

With love and care

V x