Baked bacon and egg avo's, oh so yummy!

Baked bacon and egg avo's, oh so yummy!


We are very excited to share this with you, it's super easy, quick and delicious.


What you need: 

2 Avo's

4 Eggs

1 slice of bacon

Salt and Pepper


What to do next:

Heat your oven to  180 degrees. 

Cut the avo's in half and remove the core, then cut up your bacon in small squares. 

Now let's fill these babies up. Place a few bits of bacon in the bottom of your avo's, then crack 1 full egg in the middle of each avo. Place a few more pieces of bacon on top. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake for around 10-15 mins, or until they egg white is cooked and the middle of the egg yolk looks as runny as you like it. 


Eat warm and enjoy!



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