Our Top Fun Activities This School Holidays

Our Top Fun Activities This School Holidays


Today we are sharing some of our top fun activities to do over the Christmas Holidays.

1. Spark your kids imaginations by ask your them to write down what their version of a perfect day is. Use that to plan a day for each of them, within reason of course.

2. Fresh air, we all need that to energise the soul. Head for the country and book an Airbnb for a few days to get some farm stay action.

3. Have a family movie night and invite friends, have popcorn and chocolates for dinner - yum!

4. Make the most of the park, choose one that has different parts you can explore for hours.

5. Camp in the backyard and cook up baked beans for dinner, don't forget the marshmallows!

6. Set a schedule for maximum fun, make your kids stay on track all day, keeping them mentally active too.

7. Try some homemade activities like, painting rocks from the park and then place them back with kind notes or smiley faces drawn on them.

8. Throw a summer beach party by the pool, icecream for lunch, LOL!

9. Get crafty inspiration and make face masks for a masked day.

10. Have an 'opposite day', where everything you say is opposite. If you have a tween they may do this everyday....

11. Create an obstacle course in a park and invite your friends to build it from old household items. Make sure you take it all back home!

12. Plan a surprise treasure hunt, print out or draw a map.

13. Bake cookies together... we love doing this!

14. Write thank you letters to everyone who gave you a Christmas gift that year, then hand deliver them all in one day if you can! 

See, there are so many things to do this school holidays, get creative!

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