Fresh Citrus And Coconut Water Ice Block

Fresh Citrus And Coconut Water Ice Block

Fresh Citrus And Coconut Water Ice Block Recipe

Hmmmm yum, we love the tang of lemon and lime, and making them both in a coconut water ice block is so refreshing! 
Ok, let's get into how we make them. 

What you need to make a mould of 6:

  • 3 Lemons
  • 3 Limes
  • 1ltr Coconut water
  • Optional - Matcha powder to make it go green
  • Optional - sweetener if it's a little too tangy for some
  • Paddle pop sticks (6)
  • Iceblock moulds if you have them otherwise check the tip at the bottom


In a bowl squeeze all the lemons and line. Pour in all of the coconut water. You may have a cup of mixture left over depending how large your moulds are. I like to drink the rest as it is so yummy.
If you want more or less lemon or lime in the mixture, go by taste and add more depending on your taste preference.
You may also like to shave off some zest and add that into the mix, I do that sometimes to make them different. 
Optional: Add half a teaspoon of matcha powder for the green colour and mix in well. This is a super food and the kids just think you have made awesome ice blocks, not knowing how good lemon and lime are for your health, let along even knowing about matcha. 
If you want to combine further use the blender to give it a good blend up. 
Now, you are ready to pour into your mould, remember to leave about 1 cm of space at the top as they will expand in the freezer. Leave them there for at least 3 hours.
Freeze and your ready when the kids say to you, " Mum, can I have an ice block?" 
Tip: You can use any ice block mould your prefer. We use on that has a lid that holds the ice block sticks in place, and that’s been really handy for us. If you don’t have a ice block mold, you can pour the mixture into paper cups, freeze for 30-45 minutes, then poke the ice block sticks into each cup and continue freezing till solid
Tip: When removing from the mould to eat, give them a quick rinse under the tap to loosen.
Happy Eating!
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