Tween Girl Self Care Pack
Tween Girl Self Care Pack

Tween Girl Self Care Pack

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Has your daughter started her period yet?

Would you like to send a growing girl a special gift pack to brighten her day?

Would you like to be prepared for her first period?

We have put together the perfect gift to make her feel comfortable in these times of change and let her know you are thinking of her.

Our beautiful self care pack includes:

Heat pack - Handmade with love to warm her tummy or lower back. Smells divine with calming Lavender! Fabric pattern varies due to availability.

Lindt Hot Chocolate Flakes - 210g

Resilience & Gratitude Journal 

MEBEME Toiletry Bag - Perfect for discreet storage of products

MEBEME Lip Balm - Vanilla or Watermelon

MEBEME Cleanser - Gentle or Balancing

MEBEME Moisturiser - Gentle or Balancing

Tsuno Panty Liners - 1 box

Tsuno Regular Pads - 1 box

Tsuno Overnight Pads - 1 box



MEBEME's Gentle range is suitable for a normal/dry/sensitive skin. Perfect for helping with redness, dry patches and even skin with no problems. This range will nourish, hydrate and care for your skin gently. 

MEBEME's Balancing range is suitable for normal/oily/congested skin. Whether it is little blackheads on the nose or more congestion, the balancing range has you covered. Also great for skin without breakout that is a little oily. All MEBEME products hydrate the skin and we do not believe in ever dehydrating an oily skin.



IMPORTANT - The below is also included in your pack. Please read carefully.

Heat Pack Warming Instructions

  • Place rice pack and a cup (microwavable) of water in the microwave. The cup of water is very important to ensure the rice does not burn.
  • Heat for 1- 2 minutes (in an 800w or 1000w microwve.) If you require further warming, heat in 30 second intervals.
  • Relax and enjoy!

To use the heat pack as a cold pack, pop in a plastic bag in the freezer and cool to your desired temperature.


  • Heating times vary depending on the wattage of the microwave.
  • Always test heat before applying a heat pack to others and be mindful that individuals may experience different sensitivity to heat, particularly the young and elderly.
  • Do leave heat pack unattended whilst heating.
  • Do not overheat. Overheating will not ensure heat lasts longer and may cause a fire, burn the skin or cause nerve sensitivity.
  • Do not use as a bed warmer or while you are sleeping.
  • Do not reheat or store until completely cool.
  • Dispose of safely if heat pack shows signs of ageing or if the rice smells burnt, may be a result of warming without a cup of water.



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